Studio Legale Law. Simone Facchinetti started its activity in April 2001 in Paderno Dugnano (MI), thanks to the initiative of Law. Simone Facchinetti himself after many years of experience working in traditional law firms of civil law, notary offices and professional training courses in legal and economic matters.

In November 2002 the Studio moved to Senago (MI) to take over a renowned firm law, operating from decades, and to carry on the precious and professional activity of the previous Law Firm.

Since January 2004 Studio Legale Facchinetti continues its activity in two new locations, Paderno Dugnano (MI), Via Castelletto 50 (on S.S. dei Giovi, also known as via Comasina), and Milan, Via Serva 48, while continuing the activity in the historical office in Palazzolo Milanese (MI), still existing and assisting the clients.

Since June 2004, in collaboration with “Studio Dott. Armani Cristian – management consulting and financial advisor and facilities” Studio Legale Facchinetti evolves in the offices in Legnano (MI) Corso Magenta 28.

Since June 2005, Studio Legale Facchinetti constitutes the “SI.RE.CO. - Sinergy Real Estate and Consulting" society, with headquarter in the same Studio in association with other professionals in technical, engineering, economics and management sectors, aiming to provide advice in the real estate sector and free professions in wide but deep and specific ways.

From July 2005 until December 2006, Studio Legale Facchinetti cooperated with the renowned law firm Studio Legale Discepolo, Milan.

From January 2006, Studio Legale Facchinetti actively cooperated with the renowned law firm Studio Pagliacci, Milan, consulting on labour law.

In June 2006 the book “Representation. Advertising and sponsorship expenses”, written by Law. Simone Facchinetti and Dott. Traballi, was published by SE Esselibri.

In Summer 2007 Studio Legale Facchinetti, is the legal representative in Brittainy, France, in the City of “Saint Méèn le Grand” for the promotion and business development stages of Italian businesses in the Brittany region.


Since May 2007 Studio Legale Facchinetti co-operates and provides consulting and assistance to “360° Credit Trading" and "3 Fasi Investigazioni", investigation and debt collection society located throughout the national territory.

Since June 2007 Studio Legale Facchinetti collaborates with Studio Luminati, Cormano. With whom shares spaces to provide comprehensive and cross-consultancy in legal, accounting and financial matters.

Published (page 13) in “Guida Avvocati 2007 Business Edition” published by Top Legal (legal magazine).

Responding to market trends, Studio Legale Facchinetti expands the consulting activities in Credit and Risk Management and Trust and Environmental law.

Experienced in international contractual law (course “La contrattualistica Internazionale”, held by Centro Studio Ateneo in October 2007, and subsequent specialization courses).

A new book, "L'intermediazione dei prodotti assicurativi", with Law. D’Argenio published by FAG.

In November 2008 Studio Legale Facchinetti signed two strategical agreements in collaboration with NOVASTUDIA professional alliance ( and ARAG ASSICURAZIONI SPA ( aiming to better satisfy both corporate and private clients’ needs. NOVASTUDIA is a renowned legal network of great importance on the national territory and along side various collaborations and professional exchanges, many conventions dedicated to the protection of private assets and to the administrative and penal responsibility of societies were held. ARAG SPA is instead a leader company in the field of insurance law, providing to its clients a strategic defence tool both out of and in court. ARAG ASSICURAZIONI SPA chose Studio Legale Facchinetti as reference in the area of Monza Brianza and Milano Nord as a result of market investigations about clients’ satisfaction and achieved results.

Since 2009 Studio Legale Facchinetti became a member on the AZIENDA AMICA network (www.azienda, as legal reference of the associated of the corporation. The network is important on a national scale and Italian companies of international renown are associated with it.

Studio Legale Facchinetti continues to be published on “TOP LEGAL” for its profile and for the services offered to both private clients and societies. Moreover the law firm in an active part in social matters, supporting the WORLD FOOD PROGRAM (, sponsored by the UN, in the sections and detachments in Lombardy.

In the semester December 2010 - May 2011, Studio Legale Facchinetti makes its strategic entrance in “Associazione Fondazione Imprenditoriale Italiana” (A. F. I. I.), where it has become the legal reference in Lombardy, especially in the area of Monza Brianza and Milano, extending its operational sphere in the field and the spectrum of offered services.

Since 2011 Studio Legale Facchinetti entered the cultural and services association “Gold Assopar”, to broaden both its presence on the territory and its clientele.

In May 2011 was published the book “SPONSORS AND SPONSORED. THE CONTRACTS”, FAG Milano, written by Law. Facchinetti and with preface by Prof. Dott. Piero Calabrò and participation of Prof. Dott. Luigi Patisso, master area manager at E-CAMPUS University in Noverdrate (CO).